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     Rick & Jilda have written and performed together since high school. Their path has led them to the Napa Valley Folk Festival, Montgomery Jubilee Fest, the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival, Opelika Unplugged, Columbus Unplugged, the Johnson City Folk Festival, and many other venues across the U.S.

They have opened for the late John Steward (Day Dream Believer), Dan Crary (in Ireland), The Kingston Trio, and Three on a String.

     Their songs have been used in corporate videos, independent films and plays.

A song they co-wrote with Nashville songwriter Marty Rainone, The Night a Country Star Was Born, (recorded by Lamar Morris) which charted for 2 weeks at #1 on the European Country Charts, three others have charted in the top 20 on ICC in Europe.

     For the past couple years, their song, Bright Side (co-written with Tracy Reynolds) has aired on a MTV Reality Show in Canada.

     They currently have songs playing in Australia and the UK as well.

    Rick and Jilda live on a small farm. He works as a writer/columnist for several newspapers in north central Alabama and has published two books.

Jilda is a yoga instructor.







Jilda and Rick

     Thanks for your delightful set at Kentuck Festival.  You two are masterful storytellers through song and it is easy to observe the immediate connection with listeners.  It is always a great pleasure to work with you, not only for the good music and stories, but also for your positive upbeat attitude that is fortunately very contagious.  I am enjoying your latest CD as should all who listen.  Thanks for your professionalism and good vibes you brought to our event.   I look forward to working again with you all soon!

Randy Palmer
Kentuck Festival Steering Committee
Music Program Director


     In general, a body of songwriting work is either authentic or wide-ranging, but rarely both. Occupying that rare intersection are Rick and Jilda Watson, and listeners are the richer for it. One reviewer has categorized their act as "a Southern-fried Peter, Paul, and Mary." But they also have a kinship with traditional country music, and their single "The Night a Country Star Was Born" spent time at the top of the charts in Europe.


     If you're just now discovering their music, there's no better place to start than their new, CD entitled Do What You Love. Among the highlights are the gentle and moving love song "I Consider You Home," with its echoes of John Denver's best, and the darkly existential "Tattoo'd Soul," with the line "One half on his left shoulder / The other on my right / And when the tattoos come together / Darkness meets the night..."


Dark, light, and in between, the Watson's songs are a feast for lovers of original, acoustic music.


Dale Short

Host of Music From Home




     Rick, I'm so glad I ordered your CD! It came in the mail the other day and I have listened to it in the sanctuary if my car as I drove to and from work. I am very impressed with the songwriting you and Jilda have done. These are memorable tunes -- I find myself singing them later on throughout the day. "World Keeps Spinning" is one of my favorites in the CD; everything came together beautifully in that one. So many of the songs carry helpful metaphors about life such as lyrics found in "The Eagle" and "Sad Cafe." "Tattooed Soul" was beautifully haunting, and the melody took a slightly different turn from the other songs -- great versatility. I also have to say that the guitar work was full, beautiful and impeccably performed. Since I haven't had the opportunity to hear you and Jilda in person, this CD was a real treat!


Charles Kinard



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